We have now succesfully tested the ESC/P2 conversion routines for both text and 24 pin bit image graphics ESC * as can be seen in the attached image.

ESC/P2 Conversion Routines - bit image test

ESC/P2 Conversion Routines – bit image graphics test

This represents a printer dump of some labels printed for a light bulb complete with bar-code.  It was however passed to the program as a 180dpi bit image graphic, so don’t expect us to add bar-code characters for now!

As you can see the results are good – we are continuing to work on adding more features to the software, in particular the 720 delta-row and tiff compressed graphics mode are next on our list.

You can continue to monitor progress by viewing the public domain version of the ESC/P2 conversion routines and contribute to the discussion and testing if you wish through the GitHub page.

The public domain version is designed to be compiled and run on Linux, and will process a file dump of Epson printer data, to make the testing stage easier.

In the meantime, we have also now received the initial run of new PCBs, so once those are soldered up and tested, we will be able to supply the first few Retro-Printer units to those who are eagerly waiting.