ESC/P2 TIFF Delta Row Compression Support

ESC/P2 comparison of support for TIFF and Delta Row Compression

We have now successfully implemented both ESC/P2 ESC.2 (TIFF Compression) and ESC.3 (Delta Row Compression) support into the Retro-Printer software.

As part of this, we have updated the way that colours are merged together to use the CMYK format – resulting in colours which more closely match the mixed colour printing on an Epson printer.

This has allowed us to offer support for 180dpi, 360dpi and 720 dpi printing within the software.  The image reflects the same label printed from a Sinclair QL (using the ESC/P2 colour replacement drivers for LineDesign), comparing the output in 180dpi (monochrome), 360dpi and 720dpi (colour replacement), using both TIFF and Delta row compression methods for speed.

This reflects the output from the program as would have been output from the program to a native Epson ESC/P2 colour printer.

This means that the Retro-Printer software now supports all of the various printing modes including text, bitmap graphics, and raster graphics; making it one of the most comprehensive printer capture utilities which exist.