RWAP Software was set up in 1986 to help develop and improve the range of software being developed at the time for the Sinclair QL home computer.

We have continued to grow and expand our range of products and services to encompass new technologies as they have emerged, whilst keeping our roots firmly in the world of retro and vintage computers.

Rather than being just another computer museum RWAP Software offers a range of support for the older type of computer, mainly computers designed by Sir Clive Sinclair during the 1980s, namely the Sinclair ZX80 (1980), ZX81 (1981), ZX Spectrum (1982), the Sinclair QL (1984) and Cambridge Z88 (1988).

Many of these have now passed their 30th anniversary, and it is amazing that there is still a flourishing market for these well loved machines.

We use our skills and expertise of using these computers on an almost daily basis since 1982 to assist users and those interested in developing new software and hardware. We also offer a broad range of second hand hardware and software for these computers and spares (including replacement keyboard membranes). We continue to extend our range to support the vast array of computers from the 1980s, including such household names as Amstrad, Commodore, and Vectrex.

By keeping the older vintage computers and electronics equipment working, we are helping to reduce the amount of waste going to landfill and recycling much of the older items. Our heart remains with the Sinclair computers which formed our introduction to the world of computers and have provided a means to developing some spectacular software over time, and we continue to develop new products to support these computers, bringing them to market.

After all, ensuring that 1980s computer technology can still be used and improved, helps keep with our wish to contribute positively to the environment through recycling rather than items going to landfill.