The Retro-Printer is designed to be plugged into the low-cost Raspberry Pi computer, which runs a variant of Linux and thus provides the Retro-Printer with access to a whole host of printer drivers for most modern printers, thanks to the CUPS printer system.

When a new printer is released onto the market, they tend to be sold with just Windows printer drivers, but Linux printer drivers are normally created by the Linux community within 2-3 months.

As a result, the Retro-Printer supports a wide range of printers, which can be connected to the Retro-Printer using a USB connection or a Network connection (either cabled or wireless network).  You can even use a centronics printer with the Retro-Printer provided you have a USB to Centronics adaptor cable.

You can also check with the printer manufacturer if they already offer a Linux printer driver, or check it on the Linux CUPS website – check for Linux (CUPS) Compatible Printers.

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